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ASP.NET Core vs PHP/Laravel

ASP.NET Core starting with version .NET 6 is game changer in my opinion. I mean ASP.NET Core which is cross platform, not the old ASP.NET. With ASP.NET Core you can build Web APIs and MVC sites rather easier than with PHP/Laravel. Obviously, the main difference between the two different technologies is programming language: C# against PHP, and no doubt that C# is more powerful. But, software development is not only about programming language.

Other factor which gives ASP.NET Core more advantage is fact, that you can use Visual Studio (Windows version) which is a very powerful tool and speeds up development significantly. Yes, there is a very good IDE for PHP: PHPStorm, but Visual Studio for Windows is more userfriendly I think.

On top of that, the very thing which does make difference is fact, that you can use ONE LANGUAGE FOR BOTH BACK AND FRONT END. Yes, thanks to Blazor Webassembly you can develop code for both back end and front end, making Blazor effectively replacing JavaScript, so no need to use REACT or Angular or Vue.

With Blazor Webassembly you can share code between backend and front end, if you want. From my point of view however, it means I don’t need to mess with permanent upgrades of front end stuff.

In my opinion switch from Laravel to ASP.NET Core is the most effective way to escape inferno of Laravel vs PHP upgrades vs front end upgrades. The most common topic of discussion about Laravel is upgrade to a newer version – which always depends on PHP version, and PHP version depends on what server software version can support.

I don’t say Laravel MVC framework is bad. It is good if you have no choice and have to use LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). Laravel is the most advanced MVC option for PHP. But, ASP.NET Core MVC cross platform option looks like much better choice, which will let you to focus on creating new stuff, instead on never ending upgrades.